Honey (Home Remedies using HONEY)

1. To get immediate relief from BURN WOUNDS and help cure the sore fast, apply honey on the wound.

2. To cure any type of SKIN AILMENTS and wounds, apply honey on the affected area.

3. To get relief from SORE MOUTH, apply honey on the sore four times a day.

4. To improve SEXUAL power and avoid ejaculation during sleep/dream, consume honey regularly in moderate quantities.

5. To get Relief from inflammation of the jaws and from toothache, apply honey with a piece of cotton on the affected region four to five times a day.

6. To avoid constipation, consume honey regularly.

7. To improve IMMUNITY to decease in children and make them grow strong, give them honey mixed with fresh milk regularly.

8. Take honey with any medicine to get quick relief, since honey has the power to cure deceases naturally. Honey also works to improve the blood count and acts as a tonic.

9. To get relief from JOINT PAINS, make a paste of Honey and Lime (Chunnam) and apply the paste to the affected region.

10. To stop excessive URINATION take about 3 spoons of pure Honey after dinner every day.

11. To treat COUGH and FEVER in children, mix Honey with juice of Holy basil leaves and give them, twice a day for 3 days.

12. To REDUCE WEIGHT, improve general health and to strength the nerves of obese persons give 4 teaspoons of Honey to them everyday.

13. To induce normal daily bodily functions in patients suffering from DIABETES and TUBERCULOSIS, give Honey to them regularly.

14. To improve DIGESTIVE POWER and BODILY STRENGTH take Honey every morning on empty stomach. This will also get rid of tiredness and lethargy and will enhance endurance.

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