Cumin Seeds(Home remedies using Cumin Seeds)

1. To get a definite relief from STOMACH ACHE take a teaspoon of fully powdered Cumin seeds, dry ginger and cooking salt and mix it with a glass of warm water. Add half a spoon lemon juice to this mixture and drink it.

2. To treat JAUNDICE, take a bitter lemon, cut it into two halves, add cumin powder and keep this exposed to snow or dew during the night. Next morning squeeze the juice out and take on empty stomach. Stomach ache will also be reduced, if this mixture is taken continuously everyday for two weeks.

3. To get rid of ACIDITY and stop VOMITING, squeez half a lemon into half cup of cool water and add half a spoon of cumin seeds with a pinch of cardamom powder. Mix, stir well and drink it four to five times a day.

4. RASHES due to exposure to sun and heat can be cured as follows:

Take cumin powder, mix it with coconut milk (extracted from scraped coconut) and apply this mixture on the rashes. After half an hour take a warm water bath. Afterwards if you take an oil bath the rashes will not recur.

5. Chewing and eating cumin seeds before taking food improves the APPETITE. Eating cumin seeds after taking food helps easy digestion. Also chewing cumin seeds helps reduce dental decay.

6. Relief from LIVER PROBLEM(Bile problem) is obtained by drinking a decoction of cumin seeds in water to which a pinch of cardamom powder has been added.

7. Smelly loose motions can be stopped by following the procedure given below. Mix cumin and coriander seeds in equal proportions and soak the mixture in water for four/five hours. Squeeze and filter the mixture and add sugar to the decoction and consume it to get relief.

8. During PREGNANCY, breast milk production can be enhanced by taking regularly cumin decoction mixed with Honey and milk.

9. To get relief from LIVER PROBLEM, add cumin powder and little common salt to sour buttermilk and drink it.

10. To get cured from Jaundice and Liver related problems, mix half a teaspoon of cumin seeds in half a spoon of Tamarind juice, add Honey and consume for four days.

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