Apple (Home remedies using Apple)

1. To improve MEMORY POWER and HELP PHYSICAL development, eat an apple with the peel, only after meals.

2. To strengthen the GUMS and brighten the TEETH, chew an apple everyday.

3.To ENHANCE PHYSICAL STRENGTH, relieve tiredness and strengthen the nervous system eat apple, since it contains Vitamin A, B and C.

4. To prevent PHLEGM and CONGESTION, eat an apple regularly after food every day for 44 days.

5. To get relief from PARTIAL HEADACHE, eat an apple with salt regularly for 20 days.

6. To get rid of PIMPLES and ACNE, take dried and powdered apple and lemon peel, mix it with little milk and apply the paste on the affected area.

7. To stop LOOSE MOTIONS in Breast fed children, take a peeled apple, boil and crush it and filter it. Feed the liquid instead of breast milk to the child.

8. To get PERMANENT RELIEF from ULCERS, drink apple juice regularly over a long period.

9. To get rid of PIMPLES and obtain a healthy skin, apply the apple kernel to the face.

10. To strengthen the nerves or to get rid of nervous debility do as follows: Cut an apple in to small pieces and soak in pure honey for 24 hours. Add rose petals to the mixture and dry it in the sun. After 7 days take the mixture thrice a day, till relief is obtained.

11. To get relief from RHEUMATIC PAINS and LIVER PROBLEMS, eat an apple with the peel everyday.

12. To improve DIGESTION and failing memory, eat an apple everyday. This will also quench thirst.

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