Ginger (Home Remedies using Ginger)

1. To prevent INDIGESTION, chew a small piece of ginger with a salt crystal before taking food.

2. To cure INDIGESTION and FLATULENCE (gas), make a paste of one small piece of ginger in 1 spoon of honey and lime juice, mix them well and filter and drink the liquid.

3. To stop SWEATING and to get rid of headache, make a paste of ginger in water and apply the paste to the forehead and sleep in the warmth.

4. To get relief from COLD, make a decoction of ginger in water, add suger and take it thrice a day.

5. To get rid of STOMACH ULCERS, indigestion and bile related problems, chew a piece of ginger after every meal.

6. To cure INTESTINAL and STOMACH Problems in children, give a mixture of fresh ginger juice with Honey to them.

7. To treat GAS PROBLEMS in the intestine, eat many vegetables and take ginger juice with honey and milk.

8. To get rid of JAUNDICE, make a mixture of 1 spoon of dry ginger powder in a cup of fresh cow`s milk and take the mixture for a week.

9. To get relief from TOOTH ACHE, roast dry ginger powder and add powder salt and use it for brushing the teeth.

10. To improve the TASTE BUDS and RELISH FOOD, chew well a piece of fresh ginger with cumin and sugar candy.

11. To get cured from CONSTIPATION, FLATULENCE and PILLS, prepare a mixture of 1 spoon of fresh ginger juice, 2 spoons of lemon juice, 2 spoons of mint juice, and 8 spoons of Honey. Take this mixture thrice a day.

12. To get relief from SOAR THROAT, chew and eat small piece of fresh ginger, a couple of cloves with few salt crystals.

13. To get rid of LETHARGY OWING TO GETTING DRENCHED IN RAIN, drink a decoction of fresh ginger in water with a little sugar thrice a day

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