Mango (Home remedies using Mango)

1. To prevent CHOLERA and DYSENTERY, eat raw mangoes.

2. To improve BLOOD CIRCULATION, STRENGTHEN the week HEART and cure NERVOUS DEBILITY, regularly eat raw mangoes, which provide Vitamin C.

3. To get rid of THIRST and TIREDNESS, eat raw unripe mango with salt.

4. To TREAT INDIGESTION and CONSTIPATION, eat unripe mango with honey and salt.

5. To avoid getting JAUNDICE, eat raw mango with pepper and Honey.

6. To prevent PILES, boil tender raw mango with tamarind leaves and eat it.

7. To reduce Bleeding during Mensuration, eat roasted mango peel.

8. To improve the semen count and skin color, eat ripe mango fruit.

9. To reduce FLATULENCE, LIVER RELATED and RHEUMATIC PROBLEMS, consume ripe mangoes in moderate quantities.

10. To get cured from DIARRHEA and DYSENTERY, grind raw mango peel and mix it with buttermilk and take twice a day.

11. To improve appetite, consume pickles made of unripe mangoes with curd rice.

12. For curing Skin Disorders, take the sticky sap, which oozes out from mango tree, when mangoes are freshly picked, and apply it to the affected area of the skin.

13. To improve DIGESTION and CURE HEART PROBLEMS, eat mangoes.

14. To improve VISION and HEARING and ENHANCE MASCULINITY, eat mango pulp with honey.

15. To stop BLEEDING, burn dry mango leaves and apply the ash on the wounds. This also helps heal the wounds quickly.

16.  To improve APPETITE and QUENCH THIRST, eat a good species of Mango fruit. This also improves digestion and thereby gets rid of constipation.

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