Coconut (Home remedies using Coconut)


1. To quench THIRST and to get rid of TIREDNESS, drink tender coconut (Coconut water).

2. To help proper URINATION and cure URINATING PROBLEMS, take tender coconut with lemon juice.

3. To get rid of PIMPLES and BLACK SPOTS, wash the face regularly with trnder coconut.

4. To enhance SEXUAL POWER in MALES, give a cup of tender coconut with a little honey.

5. To get relief from CHEST PAIN and STOMACH ULCERS, make a paste of grated coconut in tender coconut, mix it with sugar candy and cardamom and take it.

6. To STRENGTHEN the GUMS and PREVENT TOOTH DECAY, eat raw coconut with Jaggery.

7. To help preserve HEALTHY GUMS and TEETH, take the ash made out of burning the coconut shell, mix it with pepper powder and salt and use it for brushing the teeth.

8. To obtain SOFT and RADIANT SKIN, squeeze the milk out of coconut gratings add glycerine and apply to the skin.

9. To get relief from MOUTH ULCERS, chew dry coconut (COPRA) and sugar candy together.

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