Grapes (Home remedies using Grapes)


1. To cure STOMACH ULCERS, consume grapes regularly.

2. To help relieve CONSTIPATION and get rid of DISEASE causing toxins from the system through urine, consume grape juice.

3. To treat INDIGESTION, sour burps and CONSTIPATION, consume sour grape juice.

4. To treat ANAEMIA and improve the BLOOD COUNT, give grape juice with honey to drink.

5. To control DIABETES considerably, take sugar sweetened Grape Juice.

6. To cure SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION (Disorder), eat dry grapes soaked in water.

7. To help treat SKIN DISORDERS, soak and squeeze dry grapes in water and drink the liquid.

8. To improve the BLOOD COUNT and get rid of TIREDNESS and FATIGUE, drink grape juice with honey.

9. To strengthen the BODY and improve the IMMUNITY to DISEASES, consume dry grapes moderately.

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