Turmeric (Home Remedies using Turmeric)


1. To treat Skin RASHES, welts and irritation, make a paste by grinding turmeric and grass in cow`s urine and apply on the affected area.

2. To Prevent TOOTH DECAY, use burnt turmeric with salt to brush the teeth.

3. To get relief from cold, inhale the fumes coming out, when turmeric powder is sprinkled on burning charcoal.

4. To remove UNWANTED HAIR and GET A SHINY SKIN, rub turmeric powder on the body.

5. To cure JAUNDICE and PILES, grind turmeric well and mix it with buttermilk and drink it.

6. To get relief from COLD and COUGH, drink turmeric mixed with cow`s milk and pepper powder.

7. To DIGEST the FOOD well and DESTROY BACTERIA and HELP REDUCE PHLEGM, use pure turmeric in cooking.

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