Onion (Home remedies using Onion)


1. To prevent HEART DISEASE, eat raw onion everyday.

2. To stop BLEEDING in the GUMS, apply onion paste.

3. To get relief from DIARRHOEA, eat roasted onion.

4. To get relief from pain due to BEE STING or SCORPION BITE, rub peeled raw onion on the affected region.

5. To get cured from ITCHING SKIN IRRITATIONS, apply a mixture of pounded white onion juice and turmeric powder on the affected region.

6. To stop COLD and HEADACHE, keep sniffing pounded onion.

7. To improve the BLOOD COUNT and HELP INCREASE BODY WEIGHT, consume onion with Jaggery.

8. To improve DIGESTIVE POWER , to cure piles and jaundice, eat onion flowers.

9. To treat EYE IRRITATIONS, and HEADACHE eat raw onion with food.

10. To get SOUND SLEEP and also IMPROVE MUSCULAR GROWTH, eat raw onion every day.

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