Common Salt (Home remedies using Common Salt)


1. To REDUCE RHEUMATIC JOINT PAINS and bring down swelling, give hot fomentation using salt.

2. To REDUCE LOSS of HAIR and CURE DANDRUFF, wash the hair with salt dissolved in water.

3. To reduce PHLEGM and COUGH, take a salt crystal and a clove and chew and suck them.

4. To BRING DOWN TOOTH ACHE and SORE THROAT, gargle and rinse the mouth with warm salt solution in water.

5. To TREAT SCORPION BITE, apply salt in holy basil juice to the affected place.

6. To avoid COLD and IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION, apply powdered salt to the body parts and take bath.

7. To get rid of IRRITATION INSIDE THE EAR, due to small insects inside, pour salt solution in water in to the ear.

8. To CURE MOUTH ULCERS, rinse the mouth with a cup of water, in which half a spoon of salt has been dissolved.

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