Green Chillies (Home remedies using Green chillies)


1. To IMPROVE DIGESTION and ENHANCE SEXUAL DESIRE IN MEN, give green chilly to eat.

2. To avoid CONSTIPATION, eat green chilly, even a small one, which makes the mouth salivate.

Mint Leaves (Home remedies using Mint Leaves)


1. To improve DIGESTION and to PREVENT TOOTH DECAY, chew and eat 4-5 mint leaves.

2. To cure SORE THROAT, drink mint leaves decoction in water.

3. To get rid of INDIGESTION, STOMACH DISTENSION and COLD, drink tea made of mint leaves, twice a day.

4. To improve DIGESTIVE POWER, consume chutney made of mint.

Curry Leaves (Home remedies using Curry Leaves)


1. To IMPROVE DIGESTION, consume sufficient quantity of powdered curry leaves with chilly powder.

2. To REDUCE BODY WEIGHT, give obese persons chutney (paste) made of curry leaves.

3. To CURE DIABETES, eat 10 fresh curry leaves every day for 93 days.

4. To CURE DIARRHOEA and DYSENTERY, give tender curry leaves dipped in honey to eat.