Grass (Home remedies using Grass)


1. To CURE SKIN AILMENTS, apply the juice of grass to the affected area.

2. To REMOVE BODY ODOUR, use tender grass to brush the body and take bath afterwards.

3. To GET RID OF PIMPLES AND MARKS ON THE FACE, apply the juice of grass to the face.

4. To GET CURED FROM DANDRUFF AND STOP HAIR FALL, apply juice of grass mixed with wqual qauntities of coconut oil to the head and take bath after 2 hours.

5. To GET RID OF REDNESS OF THE EYES, put filtered grass juice into the eyes, drop by drop.

6. To STOP BLEEDING OF THE GUMS, chew and spit out grass.

7. To GET RID OF TIREDNESS, consume cleansed juice of grass.

Brinjal (Home remedies using Brinjal)


1. To CURE EYE PROBLEMS, eat curry made of Brinjals.

2. To PREVENT SWEATING, wash the hands in Brinjal soaked water.

3. To GET RID OF PHLEGM, eat tender purple Brinjals.

Pomegranate (Home remedies using Pomegranate)


1. To CURE HEADACHE DUE TO STRESS, take 3 spoons of sour pomegranate juice, with 3 spoons of honey for a few weeks.

2. To STOP LOOSE MOTIONS DUE TO DYSENTERY, eat well ground pomegranate seeds with cold water.

3. To CURE MOUTH ULCERS, TOOTH ACHE AND SORE THROAT, use the decoction of pomegranate rind, boiled in water, with a pinch of salt for gargling.

Home remedies for Common Cold and Cough

1.Inhaling the hot fumes emanated by sprinkling turmeric powder on hot cinder will cure cold.

2. To get rid of Severe COLD, a medium sized onion is cut in to 4 pieces and the center filled with pure turmeric powder and roasted over hot cinder. This should be eaten just before going to bed everyday, for 3 days.

3. Cold occurring due to excessive body heat is cured by consuming coconut water.

4. Cold occurring due to body cold is cured by consuming pepper powder with honey.

5. To prevent recurring cold and give strength to the patient, 15 grams of almond, soaked in water for 2 hours, are peeled and mixed with half liter water, About 20 grams of dry black grapes are added to this mixture and heated over a light fire and a spoon of butter is added, when the mixture reaches a semi solid condition. Every night before going to bed 1 sp of this preparation should be consumed, followed by 1 cup of milk.

6. To effectively cure cold accompanied by headache, cumin seeds, pepper, coriander seeds and dry ginger are ground separately. Half a spoon each of this is added to 4 cups of water mixed well and boiled till the volume of the decoction is reduced to 1 cup. One spoon of jaggery is added and dissolved in it. Boiling is stopped and the decoction is cooled. Half a cup of this mixture is to be taken before going to bed.

7. To get relief from cold and cough 1 spoon of turmeric powder is added to 1 pinch of black pepper powder and milk and boiled well. After it is cooled the mixture is taken twice a day for 2 days.

8. To get rid of cold, lemon juice is added to warm water, and taken.

9. To get cured from cough, equal quantities of radish juice and honey are mixed and a spoon full of this mixture is taken 3 times a day.

10. Eating a sweet apple everyday for 7 days, gives relief from dry cough.

11. Eating raw garlic cures coughs due to cold and also heals sore throat,

12. Eating raw onion with curd rice cures cough due to body heat.

13. Applying sandal wood powder with honey on the tip of the tongue of children 4 to 5 times cures whooping cough.

Home remedies for some Skin Problems

1. Finely ground turmeric powder mixed with honey, applied to any area affected by skin ailments, will cure all types of SKIN DISEASES.

2. Finely powdered Oregano (Ajwain) mixed with onion juice and applied on skin, gets rid of INFLAMMATIONS of the SKIN.

3. Turmeric paste made with coconut oil and applied to the body and massaged, will result in a HEALTHY SKIN.

Dates (Home remedies using Dates)


1. To TREAT DIABETES and PILES and get good relief, consume dry dates regularly.

2. To IMPROVE THE BLOOD COUNT and SEXUAL POTENCY, consume everyday two spoons of crushed and ground dry dates in milk with honey. To get rid of nervous debility in pregnant women, give them the same.

3. To CONTROL DIARRHOEA and DYSENTERY, consume dry dates regularly in moderation.