Green Chillies (Home remedies using Green chillies)


1. To IMPROVE DIGESTION and ENHANCE SEXUAL DESIRE IN MEN, give green chilly to eat.

2. To avoid CONSTIPATION, eat green chilly, even a small one, which makes the mouth salivate.

Grass (Home remedies using Grass)


1. To CURE SKIN AILMENTS, apply the juice of grass to the affected area.

2. To REMOVE BODY ODOUR, use tender grass to brush the body and take bath afterwards.

3. To GET RID OF PIMPLES AND MARKS ON THE FACE, apply the juice of grass to the face.

4. To GET CURED FROM DANDRUFF AND STOP HAIR FALL, apply juice of grass mixed with wqual qauntities of coconut oil to the head and take bath after 2 hours.

5. To GET RID OF REDNESS OF THE EYES, put filtered grass juice into the eyes, drop by drop.

6. To STOP BLEEDING OF THE GUMS, chew and spit out grass.

7. To GET RID OF TIREDNESS, consume cleansed juice of grass.

Pomegranate (Home remedies using Pomegranate)


1. To CURE HEADACHE DUE TO STRESS, take 3 spoons of sour pomegranate juice, with 3 spoons of honey for a few weeks.

2. To STOP LOOSE MOTIONS DUE TO DYSENTERY, eat well ground pomegranate seeds with cold water.

3. To CURE MOUTH ULCERS, TOOTH ACHE AND SORE THROAT, use the decoction of pomegranate rind, boiled in water, with a pinch of salt for gargling.