This blog contains all the home made remedies for health problems.

Please like the post and also leave comment after reading the topics which are related to you.

Here goes the List:

Lemon (Home Remedies of Lemon)

Honey (Home Remedies using HONEY)

Cumin Seeds(Home remedies using Cumin Seeds)

Pepper (Home Remedies using Pepper)

Coriander (Home Remedies using Coriander)

Ginger (Home Remedies using Ginger)

Apple (Home remedies using Apple)

Mango (Home remedies using Mango)

Garlic (Home Remedies using Garlic)

Papaya (Home remedies using Papaya)

Rice (Home remedies using Rice)

Coconut (Home remedies using Coconut)

Grapes (Home remedies using Grapes)

Turmeric (Home Remedies using Turmeric)

Potato (Home remedies using Potatoes)

Cow Gram (Home Remedies using Cow Gram)

Carrot (Home remedies using Carrot)

Orange (Home remedies using Orange)

Pumpkin (Home remedies using Pumpkin)

Tomato (Home remedies using Tomato)

Onion (Home remedies using Onion)

Water (Home remedies using Water)

Tea (Home remedies using Tea)

Cabbage (Home remedies using Cabbage)

Cashew Nut (Home remedies using Cashew)

Common Salt (Home remedies using Common Salt)

Beetle Nut (Home remedies using Beetle Nut)

Pine Apple (Home remedies using Pine Apple)

Ground Nut (Home remedies using Ground Nut)

Sugar Cane (Home remedies using Sugar Cane)

Curry Leaves (Home remedies using Curry Leaves)

Watermelon (Home remedies using Watermelon)

Sweet Lime (Home remedies using Sweet Lime)

Mint Leaves (Home remedies using Mint Leaves)

Dates (Home remedies using Dates)

Wheat (Home remedies using Wheat)

Home remedies for some Skin Problems

Home remedies for Common Cold and Cough

Peas (Home remedies using Peas)

Beet Root (Home remedies using Beet Root)

Indian Spinach (Home remedies using Indian Spinach)

Barley (Home remedies using Barley)

Pomegranate (Home remedies using Pomegranate)

Brinjal (Home remedies using Brinjal)

Coffee (Home remedies using Coffee)

Grass (Home remedies using Grass)

Green Chillies (Home remedies using Green Chillies)

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